The Benefits of Digital Signage

Make a connection with a new customer today. Digital indoor billboards are lifestyle marketing that puts your message in the pathway of targeted consumers!

Local Ad Face vs. Traditional Media

  Local Ad Face Print Radio Television Outdoor
Number of ads limited to guarantee visibility
Category exclusivity
Cannot be thrown away, turned off, or driven past
Multiple impressions per customer interaction

Captive Audiences

Greater Engagement

  • Each venue has between 2 - 8 digital monitors installed
  • Monitor locations are carefully picked to ensure visibility

More Impressions

  • Only Local Ad Face imposes strict limits on ad rotation
  • Your ad will be shown at 30-60 times an hour

Better Recall

  • Customer are repeatedly shown your message from multiple angles
  • The high frequency of impressions ensures maximum recall

Advantages of Local Ad Face

Maximum of 12 ads per location Less clutter, greater recall

Ad cycle is every 120-180 seconds Maximizes impressions

Category exclusivity guaranteed No competing advertisers

Multiple monitors in every venue Visible to 100% of customers

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