Ad Agencies

Smart marketers like you now have the opportunity to bring indoor digital advertising campaigns to your clients in a powerful, direct and effective way.

Local Ad Face Partners with Advertising Agencies and we offer Fully Commissionable Rates

Local Ad Face digital advertising makes the connection between product and consumer. Every day throughout North America, smart marketers like you have the opportunity to bring indoor digital advertising campaigns to your consumers in a powerful, direct and effective way. Local Ad Face makes this connection possible as the most diversified out-of-home media provider in Florida.

Local Ad Face offers a unique, hyper-local medium that greatly compliments your clients’ media mix and exponentially enhances the success of their overall marketing campaigns. Whether your company is a full-service agency or a boutique, we can guarantee industry-standard commissions (gross or net). Please make sure to inform us that you are an agency when requesting our media kit.

Local Ad Face digital indoor billboards are lifestyle marketing that puts your message in the pathway of targeted consumers! Your message will reach people during the course of their daily lives, building a one-to-one relationship between brand and consumer! You have the flexibility to target customers both geographically and demographically, or simply capture impressions across the network.

Why Digital Signage Works:

  • No Clutter: No changing the channel, switching stations, turning the page or driving by. It is simply your message reaching consumers in an uncluttered environment.
  • Frequency: People are creatures of habit; they frequent the same venues regularly, giving you the chance to reach them with your message multiple times each month.
  • Effective: Local Ad Face full color ads placed in front of a truly captive audience. Your message will reach consumers on a one-to-one basis!
  • Targeted: Indoor advertising allows you to target a gender, a lifestyle, or a geographic area, helping you reach your ideal customer.
  • Long Impressions: Reach consumers for 5-60 uninterrupted minutes; longer than any TV, Radio or billboard ad can deliver!

Download Our Media Kit

If you are an advertising agency, or a large-scale advertiser, our 2018 media kit is available for download with more detailed information about the distribution of our ads and the various traffic patterns of the host locations where our digital advertising is displayed. Let us show you the advantages of digital indoor billboards.

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